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Capital Market Services

Capital Market Services

Access to Capital to fund expansion and operations is critical to a company's ability to meet its short- and long-term objectives. Aside from simple bank financing, capital is raised through Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), Securitizations and structured finance arrangements & Private Placements - equity or debt. These can be highly complex transactions that must be carefully planned, and executed with great attention to the needs and concerns of stakeholders, both internal and external.

We , at Proethic, through our core team of specialists we offer a wide range of solutions and capital raising strategies to include preparation, strategy and implementation to access the capital markets - Mini IPOs, Direct Public Offering, Initial Public Offering or Reverse Merger, equity or investment crowdfunding, private placements - with a primary focus on how to allow issuers expand their business quickly.

Our experience & legal knowledge allows us to help businesses with innovative and successful capital raising models and strategies.

We provide Services to SME's for IPO - Exploring IPO possibility and Valuation , Capital Structuring and Short listing of Merchant Bankers & Other Intermediaries , Searching Suitable Key Managerial Personnel (KMP) such as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Chief Financial Officer (CFO) , Guidance on searching Independent Directors , Designing of Corporate Governance Policies& Other Policies , Co-ordination for Due Diligence , Co-ordination for SEBI Approval and Registrar of Companies Approvals , Peer Review Certification and Audit of Financial Statements as per SEBI Guidelines for IPO , Restatement of Financial Statements as per SEBI Guidelines for IPO , Certifications for IPOs , Convergence and Implementation of IND AS for listed and under listing Companies.